La Carte

Cold Starters from 7€ to 16€

Abbey Cheese Salad, vinaigrette with Orval
Seasonal vegetable salad, vinaigrette with Orval*
Herring Fillet with Lupulus
Homemade Kip-kap, tartar sauce with Lupulus
Homemade Pâté with Rochefort and Foie Gras
Foie Gras (terrine)

Warm Starters from 7€ to 16€

Soup of the Day*
Small pot of mussels with Hommelbier (seasonal)
Saint-Jacques Ostendaise with Blanche de Watou (1 piece)
Snails with garlic butter and Hommelbier
North Sea Shrimps Croquettes
Roasted Chimay Cheese*
Herve Cheese Croquettes

Main Courses from 12€ to 26€

Cassolette of fish Ostendaise with Blanche de Watou
Back of Cod with sorrel and Hommelbier
Salmon Steak with leeks and Kriek Girardin
Paupiette of sole fillets and Saint-Jacques Ostendaise with Blanche de Watou
Mussels with Hommelbier, Home Fries (seasonal)
Saint-Jacques Ostendaise with Blanche de Watou (2 pieces)
Meatballs Restobières
Country Sausage with Shallots and Hommelbier, Stoemp
Homemade Bloempanch (Brussels Pudding)
Endives gratin
Duck thigh Waterzooïe with Formidiable or with Cherries and Kriek
Rabbit with Prunes and Geuze Girardin
Veal Kidney Restobières
Beef Stew with Rodenbach
Rumsteak with Shallots and Hommelbier, Home Fries
Duck breast with cherries and kriek Mariage Parfait
Jambonneau Mustard Sauce and Hommelbier
Flemish-Style Lamb Shank, with Gueuze Girardin and Raisins
Vegetarian Lasagna*

Cheese & Desserts from 6€ to 8€

3 Belgian Cheese
Homemade Pie
Brussels waffle with cherries and Kriek
Homemade Chocolate Mousse with Hercule
Passion Fruit Mousse with Bons Vœux
Homemade Speculoos Cookies or Vanilla Ice cream
Homemade Kriek Sorbet
Meringue and vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and strawberries
Lindemans Kriek Sabayon (Minimum for 2 people)